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Delivery and shipping rates
• National delivery CANADA - free shipping
• National delivery USA - free shipping 
Alaska delivery - $400 per item 

When will my order arrive?


Front doors named STA (stainless steel) - production time 3 weeks.
Front doors named FARGO (stainless steel) - production time 6 weeks.
Front doors named LIM (aluminium) - production time 8 weeks.
Doors named PIVOT (aluminium) - production time 10 weeks.
Interior doors - production time 5-7 weeks.
The furniture - production time 2 weeks.

Can I track my order?
You can track your order at with your tracking number.

What if I require delivery to a remote or international location?
We're here to help make delivery work for you. Please contact us for assistance with delivery to Alaska, Hawaii or other international locations and by calling +1 213 408 7200 within the United States, or 001 213 408 7200 internationally. You may also us by e-mail at [email protected] to facilitate the process.

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We understand that furnishing a home is an investment of your time and money and we want every step of the process to be a positive experience.
We collaborate with International Shipping Organizations and we always strive to treat you and your shipments with the highest respect, but we cannot offer to assemble your furniture nor removing the packaging as such services are not covered by aforementioned entities.