uPVC Windows

We produce windows that open outward, tilt and turn as well as windows that open inwards – tilt, turn and tilt and turn.
We are also offering arched and bay windows. Each of them can be equipped with diffusers that will improve ventilation in rooms or other functional additions.
Sliding windows from our offer have impressive glazing and despite its substantial size are functional and easy to use. It is a perfect solution as a door for a terrace or a balcony. Large, glass constructions of sliding doors bring more light into rooms, optically increase its area as well as provide a perfect combination of the interior with the garden.

We are offering three windows systems:

Aluminium windows

Genesis is a window system dedicated to design constructions meeting the highest thermal standards. It is possible thanks to additional gasket, which along with classical – central gasket constitute insulation at the highest level.

We offer window system:

Timber windows

We are offering windows from a diverse range of wood including pine, oak and larch wood as well as exotic species such as meranti, afzelia, sapeli, aphomosia or accoya all according to the customer’s order.
Our windows come in different shapes and sizes. What is more, window frames can be equipped with various functions (permanent, tilt, tilt-and-turn, sliding and others).

The windows are available in a wide range of transparent or opaque colours from the RAL palette. It is also possible to paint windows in two different colours (inside and outside).

We produce windows that are opening outside such as tilted and hinged windows and also windows that are opening inwards – tilted, side-hung and till-and-turn windows.

In our offer you will find camber or bay windows. Each of them can be equipped with for instance ventilators that will greatly improve the ventilation in the rooms or other functional additions.

Windows type

Fixed light window

Fixed light + split fixed light window

Fixed light + split fixed light winow

Double vent window

Bottom hung window

side hung window

tilt and turn window

turn tilt + fixed light right window

turn tilt + fixed light left window

double vent window

turn/tilt + fixed light bottom window

turn/tilt + fixed light top window

double vent + fixed top window

triangular window

triangular window vertical left

triangular window vertical right

diagonal window type A right

diagonal window type A left

diagonal window type B left

diagonal window type B right

diagonal window type C left

diagonal window type C right

corner window type A

corner window type B

polygon window type A

polygon window type B

gable window

sloped window

octagon window

trapeze window

arched head A window

arched head B window

gothic window

round window

segmented arch A window

segmented arch B window

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