Veral - entertainment center for 70 inch tv

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A unique wall unit with a special texture glass fronts and LED lights and to diversify a bookshelf, which offers a designer set of shelves to create a more classical and sophisticated atmosphere.

Height - 193 cm - 76"
Width - 317 cm - 124,8"
Depth – 42 cm - 16,5"

Height / Width / Depth
Glass-fronted display cabinet with Led lights (left side): 193/52/42 cm - 76"/20,5"/16,5"
Designer bookshelf (right side): 193/102/35 cm - 76"/40,2"/13,8"
Hanging vertical cabinet with Leds: 53/163/34 cm - 20,9"/64,2"/13,4"
TV stand: 42/163/34 cm - 16,5"/64,2"/13,4"

All furniture elements shown in the image can be bought separately.
Just ask for the estimate and we will prepare it for you.

Material: MDF
Soft closing doors
Set includes blue LED lighting
Made from high quality materials
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