Plano CLASSIC - single interior door

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The door is made of a wooden rail and stile set topped with two pressed boards covered with ecological acrylic paint (RAL and NCS colour palette).
The core consists of a honeycomb-like stabilizing layer.
The surface in CLASSIC is painted with water paints and has visible wood structure.
CLASSIC model cannot be made in non-rebated system.


  • White matt glass, 0.2" thick
  • Single-point mortise lock (rebated system), key-operated, for a cylinder or a bathroom lock
  • Hinges

Standard door slab size [inch]:

Required Installation hole width [inch]:
23.6"x78.7" - 26.6" min installation hole width / 30.9" - max installation hole width
27.6"x78.7" - 30.6" min installation hole width / 34.9" - max installation hole width
31.5"x78.7" - 34.5" min installation hole width / 38.8" - max installation hole width
35.4"x78.7" - 38.4" min installation hole width / 42.8" - max installation hole width

Required Installation hole height [inch]:
min installation hole height: 80.8"
max installation hole height: 83.1"

Required thickness of your wall [inch]
min 3"
max 11.8"

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • Non-standard door shortening (maximum door shortening available: up to 3.9") (shortened from the bottom)
  • Door lower by 2" or 3.9"
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