Corin 2 - entertainment wall units

Corin 2
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Designer Wall Unit - a glass-fronted TV armoire encloses the TV hung on a solid wooden panel.
You can close the TV set behind the glass sliding doors and hide it from the view.
Made entirely of natural wood.

Height - 193 cm - 76"
Width - 311 cm - 122,4"
Depth – 52 cm - 20,5

Height / Width / Depth
Standing vertical glass-fronted cabinet (left side): 193/68/50 cm - 76"/26,8"/19,7"
Exclusive wall glass-fronted hanging TV cabinet with sliding doors: 47/192/52 cm - 18,5"/75,6"/20,47"
Low multimedia cabinet: 110/243/28 cm - 39,4"/95,7"/11"

All furniture elements shown in the image can be bought separately.
Just ask for the estimate and we will prepare it for you.

Material: Solid Wood
Sliding doors
Made from high quality natural materials
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